Biography Olga Litvinenko

Live and work in St. Petersburg. Artist, teacher.

Graduated from the State Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture in St.-Petersburg.

She studied with famous artists of Russia, Professor, academician V. A. Vetrogonsky and great artist, Professor V. G. Starov at the Faculty of graphics. Actively participated in all academic exhibitions.

Postgraduate( graphic Department ). Began teaching watercolor painting.

Since 1999 the beginning of exhibition activity. Winner of several international competitions. Creative works are exhibited in many St. Petersburg, Russian and foreign exhibitions. Works are in private collections in Russia, America, France, China and Korea.



The magazine » Pratique des Arts » 2015-09 / №123

The Magazine «Watercolor Artist» February, 2017

Book «Masters of Watercolor» -«On both sides of the Great Wall» . Konstantin Sterkhov, 2017

International Watercolor Magazine / The 3rd issue/2017


Most important exhibitions:

1999 — Paris. Orsay Museum. Exhibition dedicated to van Gogh.

2001 — Seoul Convention and Exhibition center. The exhibition , a series of works «My house».

2002 — Grand in the «Graphics» category, in the category of «Muses of Petersburg».

2007 — XVI international festival of arts «From avant-garde to our days».

2008 — exhibition «Nadezhda 4». Sankt-Petersburg.

2009 — St. Petersburg State Conservatory. Exhibition of artists.

2009 — Moscow house of artists exhibition «Grafic Competition»

2010 — Seoul. International exhibition of drawing.

2010 — Expo Santa Fe 2010,Word Art Foundetion

2015— International Watercolor exhibition Fabriano in Acquarello 2015

2015 — ARTEV International watercolor exhibition.International exhibition in Istanbul.

2015 — 1st international watercolor Biennale Tirana, Albania

2015 — 1st international biennale watercolor society India. Gold Medal, 1 Best Participant

2016 — 149 Annual international exhibition American watercolor Society. High Wind Medal

2016 —  1 international exhibition in Moscow» Peace through art»

2016-  Workshop in Valencia, Spain

2016- 1  International watercolor festival in Budapest-2016, /Prizes: Metal  IWS Hungary Plaque ,Certificate

2016- Word of watercolor competition and exhibition 2016 in Taiwan/ Invited Artist

2016-Word of Watercolor-Edsvik  konsthall . Exhibition in Sweden

2016-Hua Hin  Bluport World Watercolor Arts Biennale, Thailand./ 1 place in Thailand exhibition in Top 30 ,»Certificate Top 30″

2016-«Masters of Watercolor-Elite 2015-2016»  Tirana. Albania

2017- 2 Tirana International Watercolor Biennale,Albania.

Ismail Luani Award/The Best Artist- 2 Tirana International Watercolor Biennale 2017

2017- IX International Biennale  «ART – BRIDGE – WATERCOLOR»2017,Sankt-Petersburg/ First Degree/Nomination landscape

2017- National Watercolor Society’s 97th International Exhibition

2017=Exhibition of Russian artists in the Russian cultural Center in Rome (18-23 November)

2018- International Watercolor exhibition «Masters of Watercolor 2018 »/Sankt-Petersburg

2018- International Watercolor exhibition «Masters of Watercolor2018»/ Albania/Tirana/FAB Gallery

2018- International Watercolor exhibition Fabriano in Acquarello 2018/Representive Artist